Hey there, and welcome to The Alternative Curator!

We are Hamsa and Niviya, two Bangalore-based girls who share a love for good food, clean living, steaming chai, travel, and animals. We are high-school friends, working full-time jobs, hanging out with our families, friends, and cats, and running the show (including hourly tea-runs) at The Alternative Curator.

When we decided to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle, we realized that there was a dearth of dedicated resources in India, web-based or otherwise, that guide, educate, and inspire people to make animal-friendly choices. We asked our friends and family; we even sent out a questionnaire, and the results confirmed our guess – that there is a serious lack/absence of a single-point cruelty-free resource. Thus, The Alternative Curator was born! It was the perfect way for us to combine our love for animals, and the need to address a pressing issue – animal testing.

Through this blog and social media accounts, we hope to not only educate Indians on the numerous cruelty-free choices available across daily consumables, but to inspire them to spread the message – that animals are just as important as humans.

Here’s a bit about us –

The Alternative Curator‘Hello! I’m Hamsa. An Innovation Consultant by day (many times, by night as well), and a foodie, travel junkie and animal lover in any spare moment in between. Oddly enough, I was never much of a cat person till an entire brood of them decided to adopt me. It took them a little while, but they now have me wrapped around their adorable, fluffy paws! They now play the piano with me, give me company in the kitchen when I bake (I love me my brownies!), serve as the perfect subjects for my awesomely talented photographer husband and add dozens of moments of joy to our everyday lives. While I give my cat-family the best possible home I can, not every animal out there has this life and I may not be able to save every animal subject to injustice, but I can definitely support brands that take a position to not test on animals.’


The Alternative Curator

‘Hi, I’m Niviya. I’m a full-time brand marketer and researcher, a freelance content strategist, an aspiring vegan, an amateur traveller, and an unapologetic feminist. My love for animals began at a very young age; honestly, I was probably the first in any room to go ‘aww’ at the sight of any animal or bird (or even fish). My passion for animal welfare grew wings when I adopted a kitten I had rescued in early 2016. She inspired me to spend most of my earnings on feeding my community dogs, adapt a vegan diet, and support cruelty-free brands. My current obsessions include my cat Ginger, Stranger Things, Indian history, slow fashion, planning trip to Greece, and nitpicking feminism-fails in movies (#sorrynotsorry).’