The Alternative Curator

What is The Alternative Curator?

The Alternative Curator is a blog resource that highlights cruelty-free brands available in India – from big names to small brands, we try to cover them all.

Why did you start this blog?

The blog was conceptualized due to an alarming need for a dedicated resource that calls out cruelty-free brands available in India. Most of us go about our shopping without paying too much attention to what is in the products, or how they have been tested. The result? We unconsciously support inhumane and barbaric tests on animals, all so that we may look good. There are several cruelty-free alternatives to these brands, and The Alternative Curator is a tool that helps you learn about these brands, and where to buy them.

What exactly is cruelty-free?

Simply put, the term ‘cruelty-free’ refers to a brand that does not test on animals at any stage of the product. We’ve written an in-depth post about it here.

Do you cover vegan brands?

Of course! If we come across a cruelty-free brand that makes vegan products, we include them in our lists.

What about eco-friendly brands?

Those too. We cover brands available in India that are vegan, eco-friendly, zero-waste, natural, and more! However, we require them to pass our cruelty-free criteria first.

What product categories do you cover?

Ideally, we’d like to cover all categories, but since that is quite a daunting task, we currently focus on daily consumables such as skincare, makeup, hair care, styling products, grooming products, hygiene products, home and household cleaning products. Once in a while, we will also cover some of our favourite vegan foods, sustainable fashion and cruelty-free fashion brands.

Do you only focus on Indian brands?

Not really. We research and feature brands that are available in India. These could be big-name brands that are available across the globe. We take the extra effort to search for and share home-grown brands i.e., small and upcoming brands that are Indian.

I noticed that there aren’t any whitening/lightening/fairness products on your lists. Why is that?

We believe that everyone, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, religion, or skin-colour, is beautiful. Products that ride on the ethos that our skin-colour is not good enough, and that we need to be fairer to be socially accepted go against our philosophy of inclusion. As Indian women, we never have and never will support or feature any product that offers whitening/lightening/fairness benefits. That being said, we will talk about some products that mention ‘brightening’ or ‘glow’, only after confirming that they do not refer to skin lightening, but merely enhancing the natural beauty of one’s skin.

How do you go about your research?

We leave no stone turned to bring you the most reliable information. We regularly reach out to brands to verify their cruelty-free stance, check brand policies, follow social media updates, check for cruelty-free certifications, and read up on established animal-welfare websites, cruelty-free certification sites, and cruelty-free blogs.

A brand I love is not in any of your lists. How can I get them here?

In all probability, if a well-known brand is not on our cruelty-free lists, they test on animals. You can verify this information by checking our list of brands that test on animals (will be up soon). However, there is a chance that we may have missed some brands, or have not yet come across the brand that you love. You can always reach us via our Contact page.

The Alternative Curator is a passion project of ours, something that lets us work for the welfare of animals. Currently, we’re engaged in full-time roles in our respective organizations.

Great! Are you on any social media platform?

We thought you’d never ask! We’re active on major social media platforms; you can follow us on –

We welcome suggestions, feedback, and of course, questions! In case you have anything to ask/share, please use our Contact page.

Image credit – Ajith Kumar